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10 Things All Women Should Do Before Getting Married

Getting married is really a big deal for anyone. Growing up, we all dreamed of what our life would look like once we hit the big 3-0, once we got married, or once we had children. There is a lot to love about reaching all of those milestones. Once the dates are out, each person in the family sets out to start the preparations. But amidst all this hype and running around, we often forget the cool activities or stuff that we could do before getting hitched. So if you are planning to get engaged/married or if the talks regarding your wedding have begun, let us tell you the preparations will keep happening. The talks will never end. But before anything is finalized, these are some of the things or activities that you must definitely not miss out on. Focus on yourself, your choices, your interests, and what keeps you happy so that when the W-day is nearing, you are all set without any regret and mentally prepared to take the big leap. So here is our interesting, cool and exciting bucket list of things you must do before your marriage.

1. Live Alone

Or with a roomie. It’s the best way to enjoy a sense of independence and freedom. Additionally, it’ll make you more appreciative of the things your partner will contribute to your life.

2. Travel With Your Girl Besties/Sisters

Grab your crazy squad and go on a trip. Imagine how thrilling and memorable it will be to go on a trip with only girls! It’s not as easy to just take off like that after marriage and children.

3. Have Your Heart Broken

We’ve all fallen for the wrong guy before and we know it only makes us more practical, strong & resilient. You gain a deeper understanding of love and a greater appreciation for the ideal guy when you meet him after experiencing heartbreak.

4. Understand Your Finances Better

We’ve all made budgetary mistakes, which have turned into our life lessons. Learn about taxes and credit. We’re all for equality, it’s unfair to expect someone else to be the sole one to worry about such things on your behalf (even if it’s your parents!).

5. Follow Your Dream Career

You must chase your dream job. There is no harm in trying, whether you've always wanted to be an artist or an actress. Even if it's only for a few months, give it a shot. You don't want to look back and regret anything.

6. Date. A Lot!

Sign up for a dating app, and go on a date arranged by mutual friends. You don't want to feel as though you missed out on the wonderful and sometimes terrible experiences of single life.

7. Learn To Cook

No, not to please your future mother-in-law, but rather so you can take care of yourself if necessary. It doesn't have to be anything elaborate; it can even be two simple recipes - as long as you're able to feed yourself.

8. Face one of your fears

Life is an adventure. So don't be afraid to confront one of your greatest fears. Whether it's public speaking, adventure sports, or something else entirely. Go ahead and do it; it will feel extremely liberating. This is a must-do before getting married.

9. Go on a solo trip

After all your trips with friends, family, and fiancé, it's time to explore this wonderful world on your own. Solo trips are essential for any woman who is going to start a new journey in life. A solo journey means a lot of time for yourself. You will have a better understanding of yourself, and what more could you want?

10. Click as many pictures as you can

Finally, take a lot of pictures. Pictures are another excellent way of keeping memories. When you are unable to travel or do any of the above, these pictures will make you smile and feel relieved that you had the opportunity to do the craziest thing.

Tick these amazing things off your bucket list and have the time of your life before getting hitched. Wishing you a beautiful life.

How many of these things have you done?

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