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Honda Shine 100 vs Hero Splendor Plus: Unveiling the Battle of Commuter Bikes | Detailed Comparison

honda shine 100cc vs hero splendor plus

When it comes to choosing a reliable and efficient commuter bike, comparison between two popular options that often come to mind is the Honda Shine 100 vs the Hero Splendor Plus. These bikes have carved a niche for themselves in the Indian market with their impressive performance, fuel efficiency, and affordability. In this comprehensive comparison, we will dive into the key features, prices, and other important aspects of these bikes, helping you make an informed decision.

Honda Shine 100: Unleashing the Power

The Honda Shine 100, known for its sleek design and robust performance, is a favorite among commuters. Equipped with a refined 100cc engine, it delivers a smooth and powerful riding experience. With Honda's HET (Honda Eco Technology), the Shine 100 offers exceptional fuel efficiency, making it an ideal choice for daily commuting.

The bike boasts an attractive instrument cluster with a digital analog meter, displaying essential information such as speed, fuel level, and trip distance. Honda Shine 100 also features tubeless tires, providing enhanced safety and reducing the risk of sudden deflation.

Hero Splendor Plus: Unraveling the Classic

A true legend in the commuter bike segment, the Hero Splendor Plus has stood the test of time. Its enduring popularity is attributed to its reliability, comfort, and affordability. The Splendor Plus is powered by a refined 97.2cc engine, delivering a balanced mix of power and fuel efficiency.

With a sleek design and vibrant color options, the Splendor Plus exudes a timeless charm. The bike comes with an analog instrument cluster that provides clear visibility of vital parameters. Additionally, the Splendor Plus features a comfortable seating position and optimized suspension, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride on all terrains.

Pricing Comparison

Price is a crucial factor when considering a commuter bike. The Honda Shine 100 is priced at around INR 65,000* - 70,000* (ex-showroom), making it slightly higher priced than its rival, the Hero Splendor Plus, which is available at approximately INR 70,000* - 75000* (ex-showroom). However, it is important to note that prices may vary depending on the location and additional features.

Feature Comparison: Honda Shine 100 vs Hero Splendor Plus

  1. Engine Performance: The Honda Shine 100 offers a more powerful engine, with a 100cc displacement, while the Hero Splendor Plus has a 97.2cc engine. The Shine 100 has a slight advantage in terms of acceleration and top speed.

  2. Fuel Efficiency: Both bikes excel in fuel efficiency, but the Honda Shine 100 edges ahead with Honda's HET, delivering an impressive mileage of around 65-70 km/l. The Hero Splendor Plus offers a commendable mileage of 60-65 km/l.

  3. Design and Styling: The Honda Shine 100 exhibits a sporty and aerodynamic design, while the Hero Splendor Plus showcases a classic and elegant look. Both bikes offer attractive color options to suit different preferences.

  4. Comfort and Handling: Both bikes provide comfortable riding positions, ensuring reduced fatigue during long commutes. The Splendor Plus features a longer wheelbase, contributing to better stability, while the Shine 100 offers a nimble and agile riding experience.

  5. Safety Features: Both bikes are equipped with efficient braking systems and tubeless tires. The Honda Shine 100 has the added advantage of a Combi Brake System (CBS), which enhances braking performance by activating both the front and rear brakes simultaneously.


Q1: Which bike offers better mileage?

A1: The Honda Shine 100 provides a slightly higher mileage of around 65-70 km/l compared to the Hero Splendor Plus, which offers a commendable mileage of 60-65 km/l. However, it's important to note that actual mileage may vary depending on various factors such as riding conditions, maintenance, and riding habits.

Q2: Are both bikes suitable for daily commuting?

A2: Yes, both the Honda Shine 100 and the Hero Splendor Plus are excellent choices for daily commuting. They are designed to handle city traffic with ease and offer great fuel efficiency, making them cost-effective options for regular use.

Q3: What is the difference in pricing between the two bikes?

A3: The Honda Shine 100 is priced slightly higher than the Hero Splendor Plus. The Shine 100 has an approximate ex-showroom price of INR 65,000* - 70,000*, while the Splendor Plus is priced at around INR 70,000* - 75,000*. However, it's worth noting that prices may vary depending on the location and any additional features or variants.

Q4: Which bike offers better performance in terms of speed and acceleration?

A4: The Honda Shine 100, with its 100cc engine, has a slight advantage in terms of speed and acceleration compared to the Hero Splendor Plus, which has a 97.2cc engine. The Shine 100's additional power enables it to offer slightly higher top speed and quicker acceleration, providing a more spirited riding experience.

Q5: Does either bike come with any additional features?

A5: Both bikes come with a range of standard features. The Honda Shine 100 features a digital analog meter, tubeless tires, and optional CBS (Combi Brake System) for enhanced safety. On the other hand, the Hero Splendor Plus offers an analog instrument cluster, tubeless tires, and an optimized suspension setup for improved comfort.


In conclusion, both the Honda Shine 100 and the Hero Splendor Plus are reliable and efficient commuter bikes, each with its own strengths. The Shine 100 offers a more powerful engine, sporty design, and advanced features like the optional CBS. Meanwhile, the Splendor Plus boasts a classic look, comfortable riding position, and affordable pricing. Ultimately, your choice between these two bikes depends on your preferences, budget, and specific requirements. We recommend taking a test ride of both bikes to experience their performance firsthand before making a decision.

Remember, whether you choose the Honda Shine 100 or the Hero Splendor Plus, both bikes offer great value and are sure to serve you well on your daily commutes.


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