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How to Make Tradition a Part of Your Modern Indian Wedding

In an age when we are catching up with the modernity of the world outside of our country, we must remember what our customs and practices teach us and not lose sight of our roots. Indian weddings are a lovely fusion of old Hindu traditions and current trends. A marriage of these two worlds may make a wedding day unforgettable for everyone. Incorporating cultural customs into a modern Indian wedding may give warmth, depth, and meaning to a couple's celebration of love. Here are some unconventional ways to make your big day even more traditional and culturally fitting.

Venue Decor

wedding venue decoration

The wedding venue's décor might symbolise the bride and groom's ethnic background. Incorporate traditional Indians, such as handloom sarees or dupattas, to create a backdrop. Consider utilising brass lamps, bell metal cookware, or aged wooden furniture to add an ethnic touch. Wedding Farmhouses in Dwarka may provide a sophisticated and beautiful atmosphere for people searching for a modern location. To create a combination of modern and traditional design, these banquet halls can be furnished with traditional features such as colourful curtains, floral arrangements, or diyas.

Prepare a Creative Fusion Menu

food on table

Food is an essential aspect of any Indian wedding and may be a terrific way to include cultural customs in the catering. Traditional Indian cuisines can be presented with modern fusion cuisine. You might, for example, serve golgappas or pani puri with a molecular culinary twist.

Customise the Mandap

mandap design ideas

The mandap is the centre of attention at every Indian wedding. It is a one-of-a-kind environment when the bride and groom exchange pheras and make promises to one another about their everlasting love. The mandap may be customised to match your ethnic customs. Silk and satin textiles with traditional themes can be used, and hanging flower displays can be used to provide a modern touch to the mandap.

Wedding Favours

wedding gift ideas for guests

Wedding favours are a way for guests to demonstrate their appreciation for attending the event. To embrace ethnic customs, provide Indian sweets such as laddoos and barfis as wedding favours. Customised keepsakes with the couple's names or initials inscribed on them, such as bangles or keychains, are also appropriate.

Heritage Venues

traditional wedding venues

Heritage locations like palaces, forts, or havelis may provide visitors with a genuine cultural experience. These locations' rich architectural heritage and historical significance might add to the specialness of the wedding day. Consider having your wedding at a Wedding farmhouse in Noida for a more rural and natural environment. To provide the visitors with a special and unforgettable experience, these farmhouses may be designed with a blend of natural and conventional features, such as earthy tones, floral arrangements, and antique décor.

Personalised Invitations

Your wedding invitation makes an attractive first impression. Indian-inspired beautiful themes and artwork may be used to embrace ethnic cultures. You may include a photo of the pair dressed in traditional attire and a handwritten note inviting guests in your mother tongue to further customise the invites.

You may design a wedding that honours your cultural background and offers an unforgettable experience for everyone by combining cultural customs and picking the appropriate components. These innovative suggestions can assist you in creating a wedding that is both modern and traditional, regardless of whether you select a heritage site, outdoor venue, banquet hall, or farmhouse.


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